Ouimet Scholarship Fund

Each year the Bay State Seniors Golf Association makes a contribution to the Frances Ouimet Scholarship Fund to support its Joseph Morrill Award. Joe Morrill was a founding member of BSSGA in 1961 and was its first President. Appropriately enough he was also the co-winner of the first annual golf tournament/meeting held at Tedesco that year. Upon his death, his will provided $1,500 to establish the Joe Morrill, Jr. Memorial Fund that was to be used for scholarship aid to a student studying golf and golf course related subjects, preferably at UMass. That growing fund was subsequently turned over to the Ouimet Fund and is the second oldest of the approximately 140 permanently endowed scholarships under the Ouimet mantle. Endowed scholarship funds have reached a terrific milestone of over $17 million by 12.31.2017. The current value of the Morrill Fund is $34,700. BSSGA's contribution in 2017 was an additional $1,000 and that will be repeated in 2018. In addition each year we reach out to our Emeritus Members and widows to invite them to continue their generous independent support of this wonderful Fund.

The current Joseph Morrill Award winner is Kylie Creamer, a sophomore at Penn State studying Material Science and Engineering. He is a member of the Naval ROTC program and that will impact his career choice upon graduation. He performed his golf service at Heather Hill Country Club. In addition to ROTC related activities Kylie has ambitions to compete in his first IronMan Triathlon this summer. We recently received a very gracious note from Kylie thanking us for our scholarship. He is one of approximately 350 students to receive $2,000,000 in scholarship awards from the Ouimet Fund.

For more information about the Ouimet fund see http://www.ouimet.org/scholarships/.