Team Match Registration 2021

Remember, the East/West and the North/South have unlimited participation so, if you want to play you will play!

We will have three interstate matches with Connecticut and Rhode Island, consisting of two head-to-heads matches, and one Tri-State match. These interstate matches are limited to 12 BSSGA players per match. We will maintain a wait list for the interstate matches and wait-listed members will be notified along with those members who have been accepted. If you are wait listed, you are expected to reserve the date and be?prepared to play.

As in past years, we are asking you to rank in order of priority those interstate matches in which you would like to play. ? No, Yes - FIRST choice, Yes - Second choice, or Yes - third choice. Please answer for every event even if you do not want to play.

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East/West - July 12 - Oak Hill Country Club, Fitchburg, MA
5) Do you want to play in the East/West? Remember if you say Yes then you will play!

North/South - Sept 22nd - Blue Hill Country Club, Canton, MA
6) Do you want to play in the North/South? Remember if you say Yes then you will play!

Rhode Island - July 21 - LeBaron Hills CC, Lakeville, MA
7) Do you want to play in the Rhode Island match?

Connecticut - August 5 - CC of Darien, Darien CT
8) Do you want to play in the Connecticut match?

Tri-State - August 17 - Tamarack CC, Greenwich, CT
9) Do you want to play in the Tri-State?

10) Please enter any comments that you may have:

No payment is due at this time. If you are selected to play in a team match, you will receive an invoice about a month in advance of the match. You can forward your payment directly to our treasurer, David Reeves, or pay online at our web site. For the interstate matches, any member who has not paid his invoice one week prior to a match is subject to being replaced, and any member who withdraws within one week of the match where a substitute cannot be found may forfeit his fee. The fee for participating in an event will be $225.